Gleanings from the Garden: Classical Christian Education

Greetings from Dave and Renee Miller, founders of The Garden School in New Castle, Colorado, and a sister school in Basalt, Cornerstone Classical Academy, which is just a 25 minute drive from Aspen.

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A Night at the Symphony

Here’s what Dave wrote in 2011:   “Though the purpose of this humble screed will likely change over time, it’s called “A Classic Life” because that’s what I want my life to be.

Classic like my buddy Albert’s ’57 Thunderbird.

Classic like a book that rewards each reading.

Classic like the the columns the Greeks built in Athens.

Classic like the educational model that Renee and I have adopted and refined for our little private school.

And, well, classic because I already bought the domain name.” 

The main purpose of this blog is to educate, inform, elucidate and even entertain you about all things classical, Christian, and conservative (but fun).  We hope to provide a resource for homeschooling parents as well as groups who may be thinking about doing their own classical and Christian school.  Look for the links that will take you to some of our favorite mentors in the field, such as: Dr. George Grant in Tennessee and Dr. Douglas Wilson in Moscow, Idaho.  Links and new posts will be on your right, so you’ll always know where to go to find the new stuff.

A couple pics from the epic wedding of our oldest daughter, Mackenzie, who spent her pre-college years at the Garden School:

They look so young and beautiful and married!  Christopher Leader and Mackenzie Miller

September 4, 2011                              Grand Mesa, Colorado

There it is. Welcome to A Classic Life! Come back often to see what we’re learning in the renaissance of Classical Education.


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7 Responses to Gleanings from the Garden: Classical Christian Education

  1. JOSEPH says:

    yooo family the looks great??? GIT-R-DONE FROM BIG JOE THE Lawn Care Guy . from Joplin Mo.

  2. JOSEPH says:

    get Free cell phone service and save money while getting paid back?

  3. Your adoring fan says:

    Shaping up to be a worthwhile blog, although I am a bit partial myself. Good on you!

  4. Lily says:

    It’s nice to see a proper debate online and not everyone just agreeing with the writer for a change.

  5. David Miller says:

    I’m new to this as well. Is anyone out there who can teach us how to make our own avatars?

  6. BobandKimber says:

    What a great looking family David you and Renee are truly blessed…

  7. Kim Gay says:

    Great Blog Dave..Congratulations on the Wedding..Looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

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